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Prescription & Compounding

bottles containing prescription drugs

With the use of innovative and top of the line medical equipment and tools, our licensed compounding pharmacists are able to alter, mix, or create prescriptions to meet the unique needs of an individual patient. We can also prepare and form a drug that is currently in shortage or discontinued.

We provide non-sterile compounding services which can give you the following benefits:

Make medication easier to use – Some medications have an unpleasant flavor which makes it hard for patients, especially kids, to take them as prescribed. Compounding can alter this medication in a form that is convenient and easy to take.

Provide access to discontinued medications – There are prescribed medications that are not already available in the market, making it hard for patients to fill their prescriptions. But with compounding, they will have an access to such medications.

Avoid allergic reactions – Through compounding, pharmacists can replace or remove certain allergens in a drug so that the patient will be able to still take the medication.

Allow alternative dosage forms – Medications can be altered in a liquid, topical, or any form depending on the best method for the patient’s compliance.

For more information regarding our compounding service, you may reach us at 856-506-8556. You may also ask a pharmacist for inquiries.


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