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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that causes AIDS. HIV attacks an important type of blood cell, the CD4 T lymphocyte (also called T cell). T cells are a very vital part of the immune system. As T cells die, the body becomes more vulnerable to other diseases called OIs (opportunistic infections). When people with HIV get OIs, or their T cells get too low, they are then diagnosed with AIDS. A person with AIDS cannot as easily fight off germs and cancers as a non-infected person. It takes many years for HIV to weaken the body’s immune system to the point of AIDS.

Anti-HIV drugs help to slow down the weakening of the immune system. Although HIV medications cannot cure or completely eliminate the HIV virus from the patient’s bloodstream, HIV medications can control the reproduction of the virus and slow the progression of the HIV disease. Even when a person already has been diagnosed with AIDS, the right drug treatments can allow many with the HIV infection to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Health First Pharmacy understands the challenges you face due to HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to provide the treatment, support, and peace of mind that you need. We will work with you by offering quality care and personalized treatment to keep up with your condition. We will develop special adherence and compliance strategies for your therapy. We will also monitor your treatment and overall well-being to intervene your condition. Our aim is to let you prolong your health as much as possible.

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Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Specialty medications
  • Direct patient care
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Clinical support
  • Education for treatment management

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